Ramadan: The Month of Giving

Ramadan food distribution in Pakistan

Ramadan: The Month of Giving

Ramadan is a month of fasting, prayer, and reflection for Muslims worldwide. It is a time to purify the soul, strengthen faith, and renew one’s commitment to serving others. One of the most significant aspects of Ramadan is the emphasis on giving to those in need. In this blog post, we will explore why giving is so important during Ramadan and how it can benefit both the giver and the receiver.

The Importance of Giving During Ramadan

Giving is an essential part of Islam and is especially emphasised during Ramadan. The act of giving is not only a way to help those in need, but it is also a way to purify one’s heart and soul. Muslims believe that giving during Ramadan is a way to gain the blessings of Allah and to increase their own spiritual growth.

Giving during Ramadan can take many forms, including donating money, volunteering time, and providing food to those who are fasting. The act of giving is not only about helping others but also about fostering a sense of community and empathy. It is a time to come together and support one another, regardless of race, religion, or socioeconomic status.

The Benefits of Giving During Ramadan

Giving during Ramadan has numerous benefits, both for the giver and the receiver. For the giver, giving is an act of worship that can increase their spiritual growth and bring them closer to Allah. It is a way to show gratitude for the blessings in their life and to share those blessings with others. Giving can also bring a sense of joy and fulfilment that comes from helping others.

For the receiver, giving can be a lifeline during difficult times. Ramadan is a time when many people struggle with hunger and poverty, and giving can help alleviate some of that suffering. The act of giving can also bring a sense of dignity and self-worth to those in need, knowing that others care about their well-being.

How to Give During Ramadan

Giving during Ramadan can take many forms, and there are many ways to get involved. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Donate to a reputable charity that supports those in need.
  2. Volunteer at a local soup kitchen or food bank.
  3. Prepare food for those who are fasting and distribute it to those in need.
  4. Donate clothes, blankets, and other necessities to a homeless shelter or refugee center.
  5. Offer your time and skills to help others in your community.


Ramadan is a time for reflection, prayer, and giving. It is a time to come together as a community and support one another, regardless of our differences. Giving during Ramadan is not only a way to help those in need but also a way to increase our own spiritual growth and connect with Allah. By giving generously and selflessly, we can help create a world that is more just, compassionate, and loving for all.

Ladies’ Coffee Mornings: Building Community and Improving Mental Health

Ladies’ Coffee Mornings: Building Community and Improving Mental Health

At Time to Help UK, we believe in the power of community and connection. That’s why we’re excited to announce our latest initiative: ladies’ coffee mornings in temporary refugee hostels. These events bring together asylum seekers and our volunteers for a morning of arts and crafts, coffee, and snacks. But beyond just providing a fun and social activity, these coffee mornings significantly impact the mental health and sense of belonging of those who participate.

One of the most challenging aspects of being a refugee is feeling isolated and disconnected from one’s community. This can be especially true for women, who may face additional barriers to accessing resources and building connections. Our ladies’ coffee mornings provide a safe and welcoming space for women to come together and form friendships and support networks.

Participants in our coffee mornings reported feeling more connected to their community, hopeful about their future, and less isolated. One asylum seeker, Fatima*, shared, “I came to the coffee morning feeling very alone, but now I have made new friends and feel like I belong here.

In addition to the social benefits, our coffee mornings also provide an opportunity for participants to engage in arts and crafts activities. These activities are known to positively affect mental health and well-being, as they offer a creative outlet for expressing emotions and promoting relaxation.

It is so nice to come and do something creative; it helps me forget about my problems for a little while,” shared another participant, Rania*.

At Time to Help UK, we are committed to supporting asylum seekers’ mental health and well-being. We believe that building community and providing opportunities for connection, and self-expression are crucial components of this work. We are thrilled to see the positive impact of our ladies’ coffee mornings and look forward to continuing this initiative in the future.

Please consider supporting our cause by donating, volunteering or reaching out to us for more information.

*Not real names.

Exhibition in Exile finds refuge in Newcastle upon Tyne Church

An exhibition of immigration cartoons by renowned cartoonists who had to flee persecution in Turkey together with its organisers in 2016 found refuge in St James’ Benwell Church of Newcastle upon Tyne. Time to Help joined Human Rights Solidarity, GemArt, Comfrey Project and Being Woman as the organisers of the four days long exhibition.

A consortium of humanitarian aid, human rights, immigrant support organisations and a local church in Benwell are hosting an exhibition of cartoons on immigration, refugees and asylum seekers and the cynical response of the industrialised world to this emerging phenomenon. The exhibition is formed of cartoons that themselves had to flee Turkey in late 2016 when the organising humanitarian aid organisation Kimse Yok Mu (KYM), then a member of the UN’s ECOSOC, was taken over by the authoritarian regime in the country. Hence, the name Exhibition in Exile.

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Greece Refugee Food Pack Appeal

On this year’s Christmas evening, some people cannot spend their night with their families in their warm houses not only because of the pandemic that is escalating once again but because of them being compelled to flee their countries. They are the asylum seekers and refugees who we usually see for a minute on the main news channels, sometimes pass by without noticing on the street but often never feel their presence and witness their lives closely.

Refugees are forced to flee their homes due to wars, environmental pollution, natural disasters, scarce resources, hurricanes or floods caused by climate changes, pressure on freedom of expression, limitations on religious practices and ideas, and injustices. Regardless of how difficult it is, they are compelled to leave their families, loved ones, relatives and friends behind and immigrate to other countries.

Fleeing from floods, running away from bombs, escaping from the risk of being unjustly taken to prison under the silence of a whole nation, they could bring neither belonging nor a memory. All they could do was to run away from the cruel reality. They abandon their languages, cultures, traditions and customs in the quest for safety. Just like a newborn baby, they shoulder the burden of learning a new language, try hard to get to know a new country and its people, adapt to a foreign culture, acquire a new identity and build a life from scratch.

We thought about what we could do more for them during this time of the year. They were once, just like us, sitting around a table with all their family members in their beautiful warm houses. Why not gather them around a table this Christmas too?
When we dream, it is all you who help us to achieve it. This time, it was a dream beyond borders. A beautiful, magical dream has come true once again. Thinking of refugees far from us, Time to Help UK and its associations Time to Help Netherland, Belgium, France, Luxembourg have conducted a joint project with the Tuna Foundation’s hosting. On 11th December, 50 volunteers from the Time to Help fled to Bucharest, Romania to load a full cargo of food parcels.

The exciting and marvellous project reached £3,639, hitting higher than the target of £3,400 with donations from 52 donors. Each pack worth £42 included 40 packages of 31 different products from essentials to candies for kids. First stop at Salonica, the truck has arrived in Athens on Monday and distributed the parcels to the refugee families in Greece. Now, getting even more attention and support than the expectations, another truck will be sent again. We are proud of the donors and volunteers who made it possible with their enormous generosity and kindness.

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Free OET classes for Refugee Doctors

At Time to Help, we believe refugee doctors make a valuable contribution to the delivery of healthcare services in the UK. That’s why we have decided to launch a new service to help refugee doctor to achieve their best.

We will provide a structured programme of support to enable refugee and asylum seekers healthcare professionals and their families to be settled into local communities, enter clinical practice and maintain and develop their skills. The programme will include OET and IELTS classes delivered by qualified tutors and TTH UK will also provide reasonable financial assistance towards English and PLAB exams and other registration associated costs.

We will support:

doctors and dentists
pharmacists and biomedical scientists
allied health professionals eg physiotherapists and radiologists
For a start, we will deliver 2 hours per day and 2 days per week course for fifteen weeks. You will receive more information after being granted for the course.

This course is for refugees and asylum seekers, but if you believe you are coming from a disadvantaged background and need help, please fill the form below.

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