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This Qurbani, Give Hope

Qurban means sacrifice, and during the season of Eid al-Adha, an animal, often a sheep or a cow, is made a Qurbani and its meat is shared with the poor and needy. The word Qurban is literally translated from Arabic as “a way or means of approaching Allah (swt)” or “nearness to Allah (swt)”, as the act of sharing brings us closer to Allah (swt).

As many Muslims prefer to donate their Qurbani to people in need, we encourage this beautiful act of sharing and bring these donations to those who cannot afford Qurbani.

Here at Time to Help, we ensure that only the best quality meat is used – all sacrificed according to Prophetic tradition. We don’t compromise on quality, and we deal with local suppliers to help local economies flourish.
So as we remember the struggle and dedication of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) to sacrifice for the sake of Allah (swt), make your sacrifice with Time to Help and support a family in need.

Let this Eid be festive for everyone

Qurban 2024

Donate Your Qurbani Here 👇🏽


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Gift Aid Conditions

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I understand that the reclaimed tax will be used towards the administration cost of the charity and that I must inform the charity if I want to cancel the declaration, change my name or address or no longer pay sufficient tax.


How do we spend your donation?

Rest assured that 90% of your donation will directly support the project (Qurbani) and create a positive impact. The remaining 10% will be allocated to fundraising and delivering Qurbani, expanding our reach and making a greater impact.

This project supports;


What is Eid ul-Adha?

Eid ul-Adha (‘Festival of Sacrifice’) is one of the most important festivals in the Muslim calendar. The festival remembers the prophet Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son when Allah (swt) ordered him to.

According to the Umm al-Qura Calendar of Saudi Arabia, Eid ul Adha is predicted to fall on Tuesday, June 28, 2023.

Eid ul-Adha celebrates the time when Ibrahim had a dream which he believed was a message from Allah asking him to sacrifice his son Isma’il as an act of obedience to God. The devil tempted Ibrahim by saying he should disobey Allah and spare his son. As Ibrahim was about to kill his son, Allah stopped him and gave him a lamb to sacrifice instead.

Sacrificing an animal for Allah (God) is an obligatory worship for Muslims who are residents, financially secure, already passed puberty according to Hanafi communion. Muslims can be counted financially secure if they have 80.18 g of gold or the equivalent value in money. Muslims should sacrifice an animal to express their gratitude towards Allah (God).

This year we will be on the ground with our reliable partners in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Pakistan, Yemen, Philippines.

At Time to Help, we will ensure that your share will be prepared according to Islamic traditions and distributed to needy families. We aim to use minimum administrative cost. We have trusted partners on the ground, and we will never delegate your Qurbani to anyone. We will be responsible for the selection of the animals and the distribution at the end. 90% of your donation goes directly to help the needy. 5% will be used to find more Qurbani donation to help even more people. 5% will allow us to deliver your Qurbani and implement the required controls. If the local spending is less than what we expect, there is a chance to have a surplus. We will spend any existing surplus to purchase additional Qurbani, and we will deliver them to the people in need. You can find a detailed chart on this page.

Compared to what we offer, our Qurbani is not expensive. But, as you may already be aware, each Qurbani costs differently. Some animals cost less than $50, and some cost more than $500. We aim to slaughter cows that will provide a minimum of 140kg of meat for the people in need. We have asked various suppliers to provide us with a quote for these standards, and this was the price we came up with.

Most of the time, we will provide you with visual materials (photos and short videos) of your Qurbani. We will provide you with visual materials of your Qurbani getting slaughtered. However, due to massive demand, there might be a delay in delivering the materials. On rare occasions, we may not be able to provide them at all due to inconvenience.

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