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Refugees Welcome!

The United Kingdom, a nation enriched by the tapestry of immigrants, faces opportunities and challenges from the diverse populace that calls it home. The contributions and integration of immigrants have been pivotal to the nation’s progress and will determine its future success.

However, many refugees face barriers to integration. A lack of tailored English classes and job opportunities can delay their integration into UK society for years. But with your support, we can make a difference.

Time to Help UK has been at the forefront of supporting refugees, both here in the UK and overseas. Our efforts have reached the Rohingya refugees in Cox Bazaar, Ukrainian refugees in Romania, and internal refugees in Yemen.

Join Us in Making a Difference

A refugee’s journey is one of resilience, courage, and hope. Forced to leave behind their homes, memories, and often loved ones due to the horrors of war, violence, and persecution, they arrive on the shores of the UK, often with just the clothes they wear and a heart full of dreams.

Time to Help stands as a pillar of support for these brave souls, offering them a chance to rebuild their lives from the ground up. Our commitment goes beyond just immediate relief. We provide ESOL, OET, GCSE, and IELTS classes, ensuring that language, often the first barrier to integration, becomes their strength. But our mission is holistic. We believe in nurturing a sense of community, and our regular events and gatherings are designed to help refugees connect, share their stories, and find a sense of belonging in a new land.

Here’s How You Can Be a Part of This Noble Cause:

  1. Volunteer: Whether you have skills in teaching English, event management, or administrative tasks, your time can transform lives. Join our team and experience the joy of making a direct impact.
  2. Donate: Every penny you contribute funds our programs, ensuring every refugee gets the best shot at a new life.
  3. Spread the Word: Talk about us, share our mission on social media, and encourage your friends and family to join the cause. The more voices we have, the louder our message of hope.

In the grand tapestry of life, every thread counts. Whether big or small, your support weaves into the larger story of hope, resilience, and new beginnings for countless refugees. Let’s come together and light up the path for those seeking a better tomorrow. Your generosity and kindness can make waves of change. Thank you for standing with us and every refugee who dreams of a brighter future.


How do we spend your donation?

Rest assured that 95% of your donation will go directly towards supporting the project and making a positive impact. In addition, the remaining 5% will be invested in our fundraising efforts, allowing us to reach even more people and make an even greater impact.

This project supports;


What is the main objective of the Time to Help UK's refugee appeal?

The primary objective of our refugee appeal is to provide comprehensive support to refugees who arrive in the UK, often with minimal possessions and facing numerous challenges. We aim to offer them educational opportunities, community-building events, and essential resources to help them rebuild their lives, integrate into UK society, and achieve self-sufficiency.

Absolutely! While monetary donations are crucial, several other ways to support our cause exist. You can volunteer your time, skills, or resources. Spreading the word about our mission, sharing our appeal on social media, and encouraging others to get involved are also invaluable ways to help. Every effort, big or small, contributes to our mission.

We believe in a holistic approach to refugee support. Beyond providing essential items and resources, we emphasise education and community-building. Our tailored classes equip refugees with language skills and professional qualifications, while our regular events foster a sense of belonging and community. Our ultimate goal is to ensure every refugee feels supported, empowered, and integrated into their new home.

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