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In Wakiso, Uganda, our vocational training centre has initiated a “tailoring course” to empower low-income women and single moms by providing them with valuable tailoring skills and equipments. This program consists of three terms, with each term offering 35 women 240 hours of practical and theoretical training.

Participants will take exams accredited by the Uganda Ministry of Education and Sports, and successful candidates will receive a nationally recognised certificate. Time to Help will support these women with job applications, materials to start their businesses and financial resources.

£300 covers one woman’s three-month training, £25 per week for each participant’s transport and meals, and £100 for one sewing machine.

We invite you to donate to this life-changing program. Your support can provide these women with the skills and opportunities they need for a better future. Please donate today and help us empower more women in Uganda.

Details of the Project:

Family Welfare: Earning an income through tailoring boosts families' total incomes, thereby improving living standards and enhancing children's access to education and health services.

Self-Confidence: Acquiring tailoring skills boosts individual self-confidence.

Social Integration: Interaction and group activities within the tailoring course help participants expand their social networks and meet new people.

Individual Empowerment: Securing employment through these skills means women can provide for their families and meet their own needs, enhancing their decision-making capacity and enabling them to play a more active role in society.

Societal Impact: Women's participation in the workforce increases visibility in the community, fostering gender equality and awareness of women's rights. It also expands the workforce and productivity, contributing significantly to national economic development.

Course Start and Duration: The course begins on April 15, covering one year with three training sessions, enabling 105 women to gain tailoring skills and certifications.

Curriculum and Schedule: The comprehensive curriculum includes daily classes (20 hours a week) covering sewing, advanced garment making, textile design, and business skills. The program is designed with a structured academic calendar, combining theoretical lessons, practical sessions, and real-world projects.

Monitoring and Evaluation: Weekly tracking and assessments will be conducted to ensure progress and full participation. Successful participants will receive certification from Uganda's Ministry of Education and Sports. A reward system will be implemented to motivate and recognize outstanding participants.

Budget and Partnerships: The budget covers rental costs for the training centre, teacher salaries, curriculum development, and examination fees. Partners include the Ministry of Education and Sports, MS Vocational Experts Limited, Nile Humanitarian Development Agency, and Time to Help Netherlands, providing various forms of support and resources.


How do we spend your donation?

Rest assured that 95% of your donation will go directly towards supporting the project and making a positive impact. In addition, the remaining 5% will be invested in our fundraising efforts, allowing us to reach even more people and make an even greater impact.

This project supports;


Why a Tailoring Training Course?

The tailoring training course is designed to provide practical and employable skills in a trade with high demand. Tailoring not only offers a direct path to self-employment but also supports local economies by encouraging the production of goods within the community. The skills taught are scalable, from working individually at home to operating a full-scale business, making it an effective tool for sustainable development.

The program focuses on women to address gender disparities in employment and economic participation. Empowering women through skills training not only helps them gain financial independence but also brings broader benefits to families and communities, such as improved health and education for children and reduced poverty. Women often face higher barriers to entry in the workforce, and providing tailored opportunities helps level the playing field.

Participants in the tailoring course are provided with several incentives to motivate and support their learning and future business endeavors. These incentives include access to necessary tools and materials, financial support for top performers to start their own small businesses, and a structured reward system that acknowledges and promotes exceptional performance throughout the course. Additionally, successful completion of the course leads to a certification that enhances their employability and recognition in the industry.

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