Free OET classes for Refugee Doctors

At Time to Help, we believe refugee doctors make a valuable contribution to the delivery of healthcare services in the UK. That’s why we have decided to launch a new service to help refugee doctor to achieve their best.

We will provide a structured programme of support to enable refugee and asylum seekers healthcare professionals and their families to be settled into local communities, enter clinical practice and maintain and develop their skills. The programme will include OET and IELTS classes delivered by qualified tutors and TTH UK will also provide reasonable financial assistance towards English and PLAB exams and other registration associated costs.

We will support:

doctors and dentists
pharmacists and biomedical scientists
allied health professionals eg physiotherapists and radiologists
For a start, we will deliver 2 hours per day and 2 days per week course for fifteen weeks. You will receive more information after being granted for the course.

This course is for refugees and asylum seekers, but if you believe you are coming from a disadvantaged background and need help, please fill the form below.

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