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Transforming Lives in Kenya: A Week of Impact with Time to Help

This May, our volunteers embarked on a powerful journey to Kenya. Witnessing the impact of our collective efforts firsthand was truly transformative.

Building a Brighter Future for Neema Orphans. Our mission began at Neema Orphanage, where we brought joy to the children through games and activities. But the impact went beyond entertainment. Thanks to generous donors, we planned the construction of a new facility, aiming to provide these children with a brighter future.

Clean Water: A Life-Changing Gift. A major milestone arrived with the opening ceremony of a new water well! Funded by our incredible supporters, this project will provide clean and safe water to Mjanaheri Primary School students, significantly improving their quality of life. The overwhelming gratitude from the locals solidified the importance of our work.

Empowering Education at Mtopanga Primary School. Shifting focus to education, we visited Mtopanga Primary School. Engaging activities sparked joy and a love for learning in the children. Recognising their needs, we also facilitated the inauguration of new special education unit, creating a more conducive learning environment for all students.

Addressing Period Poverty and Supporting Local Artisans. Our mission extended beyond physical projects. We addressed period poverty, a critical yet often overlooked issue, by distributing sanitary products to women in need. Additionally, shopping at the Galleria empowered local artisans in Nairobi.

Leisure Activities and Reflection. While our primary focus was charitable work, the trip also offered opportunities for cultural immersion and a touch of adventure. We explored the vibrant city center of Mombasa, engaged with locals, and witnessed the breathtaking beauty of the Bamboori Coral Gardens. Finally, a thrilling zipline adventure in the Rift Valley celebrated the spirit of resilience that drives our mission.

A Week of Lasting Impact. As we departed Kenya, a profound sense of accomplishment and renewed purpose filled us. This transformative week showcased the tangible impact we can achieve through collective action.

Join Us in Making a Difference. Time to Help is dedicated to creating lasting change by providing education, clean water, and health resources to communities in need. Our journey to Kenya is a powerful testament to this mission. We invite you to join us in bringing hope and resources to those who need them most. Together, we can build a brighter future, one life-changing project at a time.

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