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With a little money to hardly subsist on, how would someone improve family income and gain financial stability?

In developing countries, a sustainable source of income is of vital importance. Considering the conditions in a developing African country, it should be anticipated that the investment has to be minimal to seek greater returns. The Egg Poultry Project addresses the problems with sustainable solutions and even provides better opportunities for individuals.


First off, unlike cattle raising, it is much easier and requires less effort and investment to raise a chicken. Although they eat a lot and may finish their feed in a short time, they are very easy to feed because they can eat whatever they find on the ground. A small field in a backyard is enough to feed them. They can be kept safe by making a coop with some wire and wood. A minor fee of vaccines can protect them against possible epidemics and diseases. It costs a little to raise a chicken when all the expenses are considered.


Most importantly, chicken poultry investment earns out at a rapid rate. Chicks begin to give eggs at the fifth month. A hen can give an average of 15 eggs per month. 15 hens can produce 225 eggs per month and 2700 eggs per year. On the other hand, eggs can be left to hatch and make a flock to sell in a bazaar.


Besides being a source of money, chicken is indeed a source of high protein and rich nutrition. It is quite important especially for children where every year 3.1 million child dies due to malnutrition. Raising chicken enables children to get sufficient protein intake to grow up healthier.


Lastly, they empower women. Despite all the disadvantages of geography, men can find work more easily than women. This project aims to support women and make them easier to contribute to the family economy. Strengthening the economy will improve the quality of life of family members and provide a direct positive contribution to health and education.


All in all, poultry is an impactful and sustainable solution for malnutrition, woman empowerment and financial development in a family income for better living standards.

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