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Walk 4 Water

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Wellington Arch to Trafalgar Square

Get ready to make a difference! Join us for Walk4Water, an annual event organised by Time to Help to raise awareness of water scarcity and positively impact the lives of those affected by it.

Did you know that women and girls in developing countries walk an average of 6 kilometres a day to collect 20 litres of water? That’s approximately 3.5 miles carrying a weight of about 42 pounds or 20 kilograms! In some areas, this journey takes over 15 hours a week.

But together, we can change this. By participating in Walk4Water, we can challenge ourselves to carry 10 litres of water for 5.6 kilometres and experience the hardships that many face on a daily basis. Our efforts will help build empathy with those struggling to access clean and safe water.

Not only will we be building empathy, but we will also be raising funds to build new water wells. These wells will provide easy access to clean and safe water to thousands of vulnerable people.

Let’s make a difference and walk to make their journey shorter. Join us and be a part of something meaningful.

Click here for appeal page www.walk4water.co.uk

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Event Location:

  • Wellington Arch to Trafalgar Square
  • Apsley Way
  • London
  • W1J 7JZ
  • United Kingdom

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  • 10/06/2023 15:00   -   17:00
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