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Red Box (Monthly)

Period poverty is a global issue affecting those who don’t have access to the safe, hygienic menstrual products they need and/or who cannot manage their periods with dignity, sometimes due to community stigma and sanction. According to (WSSCC 2012), 300 million women, including schoolgirls, experience menstrual flow every day. However, girls in rural primary and secondary schools who have reached puberty do not have access to appropriate sanitary wear during their monthly menstrual, Thus, ending up using local pads like rags, raw cotton, and maize cobs, but due to the lack of clean water in most of the rural schools washing of these local reusable pads’ posse serious challenges. With this initiative, we will provide hygienic pads to those in need as much as we can afford. Every month each girl will be provided with two packs (which can last a month) of disposable sanitary pads.

1.16 / Months

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