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Clean Water

Water scarcity is a critical issue facing Sub-Saharan Africa, with severe consequences for individuals and communities. Many people in the region do not have access to clean, safe drinking water and must rely on contaminated sources that can lead to waterborne diseases. In addition, the lack of reliable water sources can lead to malnutrition, as people may not have enough water to grow crops or raise livestock. The situation is particularly dire in rural areas, where infrastructure is often lacking, and people must travel long distances to access water. This takes up valuable time and energy and puts women and children at risk as they often bear the burden of collecting water. Time to Help (UK) is working to address this issue through our clean water appeal. We are raising funds to drill wells and provide access to clean water for communities in Sub-Saharan Africa. By supporting our appeal, you can help us provide a basic human necessity that is essential for health, education, and economic development.


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